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Green Hills Farm by the Esh Family

Growing & Preparing Food The Way It's Meant To Be

The Esh Farm

The Esh's thrive within the green rolling hills of the countryside. Here, they grow seasonal produce, raise heritage beef on the pasturelands, play amongst the scurrying chickens, and grow stronger on pure fresh air and radiant sunshine! Artisan goods are plentiful while children dart to and fro after grabbing a traditionally prepared cookie to snack on. For the past 20 years, not once have commercially accepted herbicides, pesticides, or other conventional growing practices tainted the healthy soil underneath the blades of grass. 

Antibiotics and hormones are never spoken of because traditionally, they never existed and thus, they are never used on our farm. Wholesome, safe, delicious, and beautiful is what you can expect to arrive on delivery day. We offer grass-finished beef, milk-fed and pastured pork, happy pastured poultry and eggs (including pond-raised duck eggs), wild-caught salmon, seasonal produce, lacto-fermented beverages and vegetables, and A2/A2 dairy products to our private, member-only customers.  Not one ounce of grain is given to our beef, disrupting their natural diet. All organic grains are included in our chicken feed and free of soy products. 

Our Mission To You

We love nothing more than to see our customers satisfied, healthier, and thriving simply because they want foods modeled after the Weston A. Price model. Our food is packed full of nutrient-dense goodness because of the care and respect we have for our God-given earth.  We teach our children and our children's children that natural and organic is the only way to thrive. We engage with the land and practice sound farming techniques that override today's view of "healthy" so that you can live to tell about it. 


Our History Your Future

Just call me, “Farmer John”. I was born and raised on this farm. My parents moved to this farm in 1955 and showed me the foundation of organic farming to some extent but unfortunately, they gradually began using more chemical sprays as I grew older. One day, there was a terrible accident with those chemicals and I suffered horrendous allergy attacks and associated health problems that plagued me for years. Miserable was an understatement.  That's when I decided, in 1990, to convert my land to grass by using the good 'ole rotational farming techniques for grazing my herd. Next thing you know, folks, I'm certified organic in 1997 and have been practicing the organic standards ever since. I got rid of those chemicals so fast, not even the wind could keep up! 

I felt like a Million Dollar Man, my health returned with a vengeance for life! Once I came across the organization known as the Weston A. Price Foundation, I took it a step further. Food can actually become even more nutrient-dense, and so, that's what I decided to do...grow nutrient-dense foods, rather than just "organic food". We incorporated cod liver oil, butter, pastured eggs, dairy, and beef, and pastured all my other animals. I watched them thrive, just as I had done. 

I'm here for a purpose. You're here for a purpose. I've got the land and the experience, so here you go. From my farm-fresh foods to your kitchen, just like it's meant to be. 

With Love, 

The Esh Family