👉 NEW Bundles: Dreamy N' Creamy Dairy Bundle, Assorted Surprise Farmer's Choice Bundle,
, and the TASTY TRIO Meat Bundle Save $$ PLUS get 2 FREE items. 😃

Quick Bundled Foods For Quick Meals

We've made choosing some of your favorite items easy. Quick bundles mean a quick dinner or snack!

Assorted Surprise Farmer's Choice Bundle

A healthy way to satisfy cravings!
BUNDLED ITEM! $2.00 savings
$34.75 $32.75

Dreamy N' Creamy Dairy Bundle

A delicious blend of raw-based dairy products!
BUNDLED ITEM! $4.00 savings
$50.50 $46.50
Family Pack $0.15/lb. savings
$5.95/lb. $5.80/lb. Avg. 3 lb.

The Freezer Pleaser

A hearty selection of grass-fed beef, pork, & chicken
BUNDLED ITEM! $20.00 savings
$130.00 $110.00

The Tasty Trio Meat Bundle

A hearty selection of grass-fed beef, turkey, & chicken
BUNDLED ITEM! $21.75 savings
$131.75 $110.00